Give Yourself a Matcha Boost For All Day Energy

Supports weight loss goals
Boosts metabolism
Promotes healthy skin and teeth

All Natural & Organic

At Kiss Me Organics, we harvest all our tea from certified organic farms. We use organic and natural ingredients and we lab test our products to ensure they are chemical-free. It’s important to us that our customers receive the highest quality in organic products so that they can benefit from the the highest levels of nutrients.

Our signature line of 100% certified organic matcha powders are sourced from Japan and lab‐tested for chemicals. Our matcha is sourced from a thoroughly‐screened, family‐owned tea farm in Japan that has been producing organic tea for over 15 years.

Powders, Leaves and Flowers

From our matcha powders to our brewed teas to our blooming tea blossoms, all our products are made with organic ingredients, all natural flavoring and compassion for the environment and humanity. In addition to the long list of health benefits that comes with consuming any of our products, we also guarantee that we conduct all our business with the utmost concern for the environment and our fellow humans.

From Bulgaria to China to Sri Lanka and Japan, Kiss Me Organics travels the world uncovering nature’s best kept health secrets and seeking out the highest quality ingredients. It will always be our mission to provide you with the very best, most nutritious products Mother Earth has to offer.

We go to great lengths to only partner with farms that share our ideals, providing fair wages and safe working environments and producing the highest quality, organic and chemical free products. So you can feel good about purchasing the products that make your body feel so great.

A Name You Can Trust

Our CEO, Anthony Codispoti founded Kiss Me Organics out of a quest for his own health. From his vision, a company was born with a far‐reaching mission to help people by offering natural and organic options for improved overall health and wellness. At Kiss Me Organics we’re all working towards something we believe in‐‐Optimal health through the highest quality, all‐natural, organic products. We believe health begins with what you put into your body, so we’re always on the lookout for new products that will provide nourishment, long‐lasting health and well being.

At Kiss Me Organics, we carry a range of nutrient-packed teas, free from chemicals and preservatives, to keep you healthy and active in your busy life. All our green and blooming teas are lab tested to ensure the highest quality of leaves. We ensure they’re 100% certified organic and brimming with delicious health benefits. Whether you’re looking for increased focus and energy levels, want to improve your memory, need to kick-start your metabolism or looking for a way to add more anti-oxidant rich foods to your diet, Kiss Me Organics aims to please your inner tea-lover. Add a little Kiss Me Organics to your every day and feel your life change!