Give Yourself a Matcha Boost For All Day Energy

Supports weight loss goals
Boosts metabolism
Promotes healthy skin and teeth

 All Natural & Organic

 Certifications / Awards
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Kiss Me Organics is superior quality

“This is my favorite brand of matcha. The taste is mild and it’s great for digestion. It energizes me without giving me any noticeable caffeine buzz or subsequent caffeine “crash.” Matcha helped break my 20-year coffee addiction and now I’m sprinkling matcha in pretty much everything.”

Mayra Timberlake
Advertising sales agent

Great before workouts, totally worth it

“I really enjoyed this product! I had never tried Matcha before and think it’s a great way to add a rich earthy flavor to almost anything. I loved the clean taste, and green tea lovers will automatically fall in love with it. I started adding it to my pre-workout smoothies and I noticed I felt more awake and energized after drinking it. I really liked that it was a calm energy, so I didn’t have the caffeine downward spiral that I sometimes get from coming down off such an energy rush.
I was surprised that only ½ a teaspoon was enough to keep me revved for about half the day, without the jitters or anxiety I sometimes feel when I have too much caffeine.”

Martin R. Jasso
Personal Trainer

Delicious Addition to Smoothies

“After hearing about the health benefits of matcha tea I was excited to finally try it out. I added mine to a smoothie and was really impressed with the flavor and the great color it added. Plus, I knew I was getting loads of antioxidants as well, which made it even better! I am excited to use this matcha tea powder in other recipes as well, I can’t wait to experiment.”

Angela E. Becker
Facility manager