10 Ways to Reuse Your Used Teabags

What do you usually do with your tea bags after you brew them? Do you toss them in the garbage? Compost them? Leave them on the side of the sink for a week? I love tea and I drink a ton of it, especially organic teas. So I use up a ton of tea bags. Did you know that there are many ways you can upcycle used tea bags? For you environmentally conscious tea lovers out there who feel bad throwing anything away without looking for another way to put that about-to-be-garbage to use, you’ll love these suggestions!

A cup or 2 of hot or iced tea a day can create a mini mountain of used tea bags per week. So what will you do you do with all those used tea bags? Try one (or all 10) of these methods to put those used tea bags to good use.

1. Moisturize your skin:


Your skin can indulge in tea just like your taste buds do. You can replace your typical bath salts with this easy trick. Run your bath water over a few used tea bags, and then get in for a skin-rejuvenating and also aromatic soak. The tea leaves will restore your dry skin, and the antioxidants in green tea are specifically helpful for revitalizing skin.



2. Soothe tired eyes:

After your tea bags have cooled a little, place them on your eyes for 10 mins. This will help soothe puffy, red eyes. The tannins in tea will also minimize dark circles and swelling. Tea contains antimicrobial properties, which makes them a great remedy for styes and other minor eye infections.



3. Polish wooden surfaces:


Improve the appearance of your wooden furniture and floors. Brighten up your wood surfaces with twice-brewed tea. Just boil 6 to 10 used tea bags in a gallon of water, then use the water to mop your floors, or dip a soft cloth in the water to polish your furniture. The tannins in tea will make your wood surfaces shine.

4. Soak your feet:

Feminine feet in foot spa bowl with orchids

Use your tea bags to give yourself a homemade pedicure. Tea is great for neutralizing odors, which makes it a great all-natural foot soak. Next time you treat yourself to an at-home pedicure, try soaking your tootsies in an anti-bacterial tea soak. Just throw your used tea bags in a basin of hot water, wait until it’s cool enough to put your feet in, and soak them for about 15 minutes.

5. Neutralize the odor in your fridge:


Tea isn’t only great for neutralizing foot odor, it’s great for getting rid of household odors too. To keep unwanted fridge odors at bay, you can throw a couple of used tea bags in a lidless container in your fridge and leave them there. They will absorb lingering odors and keep your refrigerator fresh!

6.Soak in used tea bags:

Give yourself a detoxing bath by adding used tea bags to your bath water. You can throw the tea bags in your bath with you, or hang them under the running water in a mesh bag, so your bath water runs through the teabags.

7. Use tea bags to tenderize meat

Infuse your used tea bags in some boiling water, letting them soak for a couple of minutes. Remove the tea bags and let the water cool. Then use the warm water to marinade your meat for 30 minutes. This will make your meat cook faster and make it more tender.

8. Clean your mirrors:

Tea makes a fantastic glass cleaner. You can get gleaming, streak-free mirrors by brewing a handful of used tea bags, letting them cool and filling a spray bottle with the liquid. This method is a great all-natural alternative to Windex.

9. Condition your hair:

Steep your used tea bags in some boiling water. Let the water cool until it’s warm then pour it over your hair after shampooing (while it’s still wet) and leave it on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. This makes an excellent conditioning treatment and will give your hair body and shine.

10. Dehumidify your home:

To do this, you’ll need to completely dry your tea bags in the sun. Then simply place the dried tea bags in a humid area of your home, and they will absorb excess moisture. This is a great way to prevent mold caused by dampness.




Do you know ways to upcycle used tea bags that aren’t listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

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