These 5 Summer Recipes Taste Too Good To Be Healthy (But They Are!)

At last, summer is here! After months of living of heavy meals, hot soups and huge cups of tea, it’s finally time to switch up your diet with some recipes that shine during the hottest time of the year. ‘Tis the season of sweet and delicious berries, tomatoes, and leafy greens like kale and basil.

Even though it’s the season of barbecues, cold beers, and summer cocktails, it’s also a good time to experiment with recipes that will keep you energized and feeling good so you can enjoy every one of those long hot summer days.

To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, here are a few fresh recipes that are perfect for entertaining and will keep you and your guests well-fed, healthy, and, feeling great!

Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate temptation to anyone trying to follow a diet. The rich sauce and gooey cheese, the wide variety of toppings that will satisfy almost any craving. It’s impossible to smell it and not want a slice! If you’re a pizza lover, try your hand at this amazing-looking Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza by Iowa Girl Eats and get some veggies with that melted cheese and baked crust!

Tomatillo Gazpacho

It’s the ultimate Mediterranean summer soup … gazpacho! For thousands of years in Spain, people have been eating this during the hottest days of summer, and this Tomatillo Gazpacho by Eating Well will definitely hit the spot. Eat it with shrimp, or with cheese for a meatless version!

Buddha Bowls!

Buddha Bowls are a great way to get a nutrient-packed meal that’s perfect for those hot summer months! the best part of these bowls is the versatility of the recipes. You can add, remove or substitute the ingredients plus you can experiment with different dressings depending on your mood. If you’re new to the Buddha Bowl game, try your hand at this lovely Summer Glow Buddha Bowl by Oh she Glows.

Green Pea Falafel Bowl

Okay okay enough with the bowls! But, you’re going to want to try this awesome Mediterranean-inspired creation.  The falafel bowl by Green Kitchen is made with green pea falafel and is a baked instead of fried. It’s also topped with homemade hummus, roasted carrots, quinoa and mint yogurt. Yes please!

Weeknight Vegetable Curry

Curry lovers will love this Weeknight Vegetable Curry by Sprouted Kitchen. The sauce is rich, creamy and flavorful and the recipe is vegetarian and packed with plant-based nutrients and vitamins for the non-meat eating folks! you can adjust the level of spice by using either hot or mild curry powder. Although it’s a hot dish, curry makes a great summer evening dinner once the sun has gone down.

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