Matcha Lattes and Smoothies Keep it Exciting

matcha lattes and smoothies

Switch it up with matcha lattes and smoothies, for the win! My day is not the same without my morning matcha. I crave it like I once craved my 8 am Starbucks triple cappuccino. Matcha switches me on, I’m instantly sharper, more focused, and super motivated for my morning workout. I am a matcha addict! But, despite my unwavering allegiance to matcha, I sometimes get bored and need to shake things up a little.

I personally love the distinct taste of matcha but sometimes, I’m just not feeling it. This poses a problem because I still want all of the benefits. In fact, I need them to be the most productive version of myself.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your everyday routine, read on for some tips on how to switch it up with matcha lattes and smoothies and rekindle your matcha romance.

Matcha Lattes

Matcha Latte

Mixing matcha with milk or a nondairy alternative will add a delicious creaminess to your matcha. You can use soy or almond milk, or my personal favorite, coconut milk. Matcha has a tendency to clump if not properly mixed, so I like to blend my lattes (hot or cold) with my little handheld mixer.

Delicious additions

Try adding a little sweetness to your latte with honey, stevia, agave, or maple syrup. The sweet notes taste delicious combined with the distinct “umami” of matcha.

Add a hint of vanilla to your latte for a lovely pairing. You can use vanilla powder or a couple of drops of vanilla extract. This combination is truly a match made in heaven.

Make it fancy with some whipped cream. You can use regular whipped cream or a whipped cream alternative (matcha whipped cream on my espresso? Yes please!). I opt for coconut because I love coconut flavored anything, but you can experiment to find your favorite flavor.

Tasty Matcha Smoothies

Add berries

I prefer my morning matcha hot, but in the afternoon, a smoothie hits the spot perfectly, like this Kiwi Matcha Tea Smoothie Recipe by GreenBlender. The best thing about matcha smoothies is that you can pretty much throw anything into the mix. Frozen fruit is great because it works like ice and makes your smoothie really cold. I like to throw in something that will give it a creamy texture, like a banana, coconut milk, or plain unsweetened yogurt. If you have a juicer you can also experiment by adding cold pressed juices.

Delicious additions

Vanilla powder is my secret weapon for my very greenest smoothies. If you don’t have vanilla powder a couple of drops of vanilla extract will also do the trick (although the powder is tastier).

I find the fruit will do the sweetening in a smoothie so I don’t add a sweetener to my fruit smoothies. I do like a drop of raw honey in my super green smoothies (the ones containing juiced veggies and no fruit).

Make it fancy with some green tea coconut ice cream. This recipe by Minimalist Baker is the absolute bomb. You can make a batch and add a scoop to the top of your smoothie for a weekend treat. You can also opt for regular or nondairy whipped cream.

The Right Tools For The Job

Matcha Ice Cream

For matcha lattes, I like using my hand blender or magic bullet, and for smoothies, I use my magic bullet or a regular sized blender. It’s easiest to use a regular blender if you’re adding a lot of ingredients to your smoothies, but for simple smoothies the magic bullet is extremely convenient.

It’s important to remember that matcha is an amazingly versatile ingredient, you can use it for far more than matcha lattes and smoothies. You can find a way to add it to virtually anything, so don’t fret if you’re getting bored of your straight up matcha and water beverage. There is a whole world of matcha goodness explore.

How do you keep your relationship with matcha fresh and exciting? Leave a comment and let me know.


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