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These 5 Summer Recipes Taste Too Good To Be Healthy (But They Are!)

At last, summer is here! After months of living of heavy meals, hot soups and huge cups of tea, it’s finally time to switch up your diet with some recipes that shine during the hottest time of the year. ‘Tis the season of sweet and delicious berries, tomatoes, and leafy greens like kale and basil.

Even though it’s the season of barbecues, cold beers, and summer cocktails, it’s also a good time to experiment with recipes that will keep you energized and feeling good so you can enjoy every one of those long hot summer days.

To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, here are a few fresh recipes that are perfect for entertaining and will keep you and your guests well-fed, healthy, and, feeling great!

Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate temptation to anyone trying to follow a diet. The rich sauce and gooey cheese, the wide variety of toppings that will satisfy almost any craving. It’s impossible to smell it and not want a slice! If you’re a pizza lover, try your hand at this amazing-looking Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza by Iowa Girl Eats and get some veggies with that melted cheese and baked crust!

Tomatillo Gazpacho

It’s the ultimate Mediterranean summer soup … gazpacho! For thousands of years in Spain, people have been eating this during the hottest days of summer, and this Tomatillo Gazpacho by Eating Well will definitely hit the spot. Eat it with shrimp, or with cheese for a meatless version!

Buddha Bowls!

Buddha Bowls are a great way to get a nutrient-packed meal that’s perfect for those hot summer months! the best part of these bowls is the versatility of the recipes. You can add, remove or substitute the ingredients plus you can experiment with different dressings depending on your mood. If you’re new to the Buddha Bowl game, try your hand at this lovely Summer Glow Buddha Bowl by Oh she Glows.

Green Pea Falafel Bowl

Okay okay enough with the bowls! But, you’re going to want to try this awesome Mediterranean-inspired creation.  The falafel bowl by Green Kitchen is made with green pea falafel and is a baked instead of fried. It’s also topped with homemade hummus, roasted carrots, quinoa and mint yogurt. Yes please!

Weeknight Vegetable Curry

Curry lovers will love this Weeknight Vegetable Curry by Sprouted Kitchen. The sauce is rich, creamy and flavorful and the recipe is vegetarian and packed with plant-based nutrients and vitamins for the non-meat eating folks! you can adjust the level of spice by using either hot or mild curry powder. Although it’s a hot dish, curry makes a great summer evening dinner once the sun has gone down.

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Life Hacks For Better Health

image showing Life Hacks and Better Health

We all know fad diets never work. If you’re cutting out entire food groups or depriving yourself in order to lose weight, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Simply put, dieting is not sustainable. If you want to get fit and be healthy, you’ll have to change your habits permanently. The good news is that you can drastically improve your health through some small changes. Here are some super simple life hacks for better health that will help you feel your best.

Read on For Some Easy Life Hacks For Better Health

Choose water instead of soda.

Sugary soft drinks are linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes, plus they’re loaded with empty calories and, often, chemicals. A couple of glasses of coca cola and a caramel macchiato can easily push the limits of your recommended daily calorie intake. Reach for water instead and you’d be surprised how many calories you can cut from your daily intake.

Reduce your alcohol consumption.

This is a biggie. Not only does booze have loads of calories, it also prevents your liver from processing fat properly. Also, you probably may have noticed a tendency to make poor eating decisions under the influence. Therefore, reducing your alcohol consumption to a couple of drinks a week is a life hack for better health that will get you closer to your fitness goals, faster.

Don’t complicate things.

Steer clear of diets that come with complex lists of what you can and cannot eat. Instead, keep it simple by eating real, whole foods. Make sure you’re eating mostly plants and lean proteins like chicken or fish. Keep your carbs complex by choosing sweet potatoes, quinoa or brown rice, and stick to healthy fats like avocado, nuts and seeds.

Understand that fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat.

If you’re opting for “low fat” but loaded with synthetic ingredients (like a lot of the prepackaged “diet food” available), you might be doing more harm than good. Snack on healthy fats, like almonds, avocados, and full-fat (unsweetened yogurt).

Limit your access to unhealthy snacks.

Plenty of studies have identified sugar as being extremely addictive. That also applies to simple carbohydrates that immediately turn to glucose in your body. So if you’re trying to create healthier habits, it’s probably not a great idea to keep sweets at home. Studies also suggest that our cravings for starch and sugar increase at night so don’t set yourself up for failure with a pantry full of potato chips and chocolate pudding!

Instead, Prep healthy snacks and keep them around for when hunger strikes.

Fruit, unsweetened yogurt, nuts and seeds, cut veggies and homemade hummus are great options. Prep your healthy snacks in advance so they’re ready to eat as soon as you’re hungry.

Increase your H20 intake.

Keeping yourself properly hydrated can change your life. It can help burn fat and boost energy levels. Plus, studies have revealed that hunger and thirst trigger the same kinds of signals in your brain, so more water might help curb hunger. This is one of the simplest life hacks for better health you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Try to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day, and if you’re having trouble remembering to drink enough, you can always set an alarm to remind you. Most health professionals recommend about 2 liters of water a day.

Get enough sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprivation and obesity are closely linked. Other studies have found that insufficient sleep causes an increase in the stress hormone cortisol. Giving yourself eight hours of sleep a night will decrease your cravings for unhealthy food and help keep your hormones and blood sugar levels balanced.

What are your favorite life hacks for better health? What habits do you follow to help you make healthier choices? Tell us in the comments below.