Elephants and Bees Project

Sri Lanka

In our ongoing efforts to improve sustainability and the environment, KissMeOrganics has teamed up with the Elephants and Bees Project in Sri Lanka. When you purchase our products, a portion of the money you spend goes towards helping this cause.

Elephants & Bees use fences of bee colonies to deter elephants from entering farms and trampling the harvest. Elephants instinctively avoid bees, so a strategically placed perimeter of beehives provides a natural and humane deterrent to elephants crossing over into populated areas. This has the combined benefits of reducing tension between elephants and the local population, while also fighting against colony collapse disorder (CCD) in bees.

Colony collapse disorder is a phenomenon which has seen bee populations tumble in recent years, which harms bees’ vital role in crop pollination. Although there is not universal consensus on the cause, increasing evidence points to the use of commercial pesticides, especially those containing neonicotinoids.

By using beehive fences to deter the wild elephant populations away from farmland, this project also helps protect the bees from CCD. In addition, the local farmers benefit from them with an extra source of income from goods made from bee byproducts such as honey, lip balm, and candles.

These fences help prevent elephants from destroying the livelihood of farmers, thus changing the community’s attitude towards elephants and preventing elephant-human conflict (EHC), which is an enormous threat to the already vulnerable elephant population in Sri Lanka. 

So, beehive fences are a great thing for the bees, the elephants, and the population around them, which is why we’re happy to announce we’ve sponsored 40 new hives to be built with our partners in Sri Lanka. As soon as we have updates, we’ll post them here!