Blooming Tea (7 Blooms)

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*****OMG! Absolutely beatifull

By pray4jp on May 29, 2018
Size: 7 Flowers | Verified Purchase

I love tea. When I first time drink bloom tea at the Chinese friend house when I was kids. It was amazingly big size of flower, but cost was $25 in each ;( I tried couple another brand of bloom tea before, but not well bloom in the water or even floating and never down to bottom of the pot. This company is the best. A flower size like dandelion :very colorful and beautifully bloomed. The tea taste itself are bit weak : I drink green tea so compere about it but weak, but smell and flavor are absolutely gorgeous! My friends come over my house, and everyone fun about the this tea. Also it’s organic! I love organic foods, so definitely repeat this tea. It’s 5 stars. I’m very happy to find this thanks!

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Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea

7 blooms (1 of each flavor)

Our Blooming tea blossoms are made from 100% organic green tea leaves, hand-sewn around a beautiful 100% organic calendula flower which produces a delicious display when dropped into hot water. Our naturally flavored Blooming Tea will unfurl before your eyes, giving you a deliciously flavored cup of green tea. Our Blooming Tea is flavored with natural fruit extract and comes in 7 exotic flavors including cherry, peach, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, sugar melon and cactus melon. Add some honey, ginger or sugar to any of our available flavors for additional sweetness. Each one of our organic Blooming Tea varieties offers a unique and delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of premium organic green tea and calendula flowers.

7 Exotic Flavors of Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea

All our flavor are 100% natural (extracted from fruit pulp through a patented extraction method)

  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Raspberry
  • Sugar melon
  • Cactus melon

History of Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea has a controversial history, but the one thing we DO know is that it originated in the Yunnan province of southeast China (where much of the world’s green tea comes from). Some people believe blooming tea is a modern creation, while some people trace it’s presence in the tea world back thousands of years.

Some historians believe that Blooming Tea first appeared in the Song Dynasty where tea artisans would handcraft blooming tea balls for the Emperor’s amusement. However, if Blooming Tea does indeed go as far back as the Song Dynasty, it was purely for visual pleasure. Blooming Tea as we know it—exotic, delicious and made from premium ingredients—made its debut in the 1980s, growing in popularity since then.

organic calendula tea glass

Health Benefits of Blooming Tea

Our handsewn organic green tea leaves boast a world of health benefits, including increased fat burning and fitness endurance. Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients and provides a long-lasting energy boost. Each of our blooms also contains a 100% organic calendula flower which supports a healthy immune system, helps reduce inflammation, and is great for your complexion!

Want to try it Blooming Tea for your complexion?

Just dip a cotton swab in some cooled Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea and wipe your clean face with it, letting it dry on its own. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties of calendula and the antioxidants in green tea will leave your skin glowing.

How Blooming Tea Is Made

Our Blooming Tea is hand-crafted by tea artisans in China. The Chinese name for flowering tea is gong yi hua cha, which translates to “art flower tea.” It’s made with tea leaves that are carefully sewn around beautiful flowers to create a tightly wound ball that blooms when steeped, unfurling before your eyes when you drop it in hot water. Here’s how we make ours:

  • We select the very best 100% organic calendula flowers from Bulgaria and premium organic green tea leaves from China.
  • It takes about 7 months for the flowers and leaves to reach perfection.
  • The green tea leaves are moisturized, then handsewn around a 100% organic calendula flower.
  • We add our all-natural flavoring, mold it into a sphere using gauze and leave it to dry.
  • We then carefully package it to ensure it remains fresh for you to enjoy!

Flowering tea is ideally brewed in in the Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea Set so you can watch the ball unfurl before your eyes to reveal a beautiful flower.

How to Prepare The Best Cup of Organic Calendula Blooming Tea

  • Heat 35 ounces of water in your heat-safe glass teapot to just before boiling (170°F / 77°C) and remove from heat.
  • Carefully drop one Blooming Tea into your glass teapot.
  • Steep for 3-6 minutes and watch the leaves unfurl to reveal a beautiful calendula flower. Leave the blossom in the teapot while you enjoy your tea.
  • You can reuse the same bloom more than once, just refill your glass teapot and let it steep a little longer this time. The flavor will weaken with each steeping.

Our Blooming Tea Is Delicious Cold Too!

Try this refreshing take on Blooming Tea. You’ll love the way a bit of lemon and honey brings out these mouthwatering flavors. Remember to handle the steeped flower with care to preserve it so you can display it in your glass pitcher.

Skip the Boiling Water, Cold Brew Instead

Brewing tea in cold water creates a different chemical reaction from brewing it in hot water. Cold brew tea is less bitter, providing a super smooth flavor. With a little extra time, you can make a batch of Blooming Tea cold brew that’s smooth and sweet, you just need to add 1 Blooming Tea to a large pitcher of water and put it in the fridge overnight. Go ahead and try it, we know you will love it.


Add 1 Blooming Tea to a large pitcher of cold, filtered water.

Cover and let it steep in the fridge overnight (12 hours for best results).


Why Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea Is Better Than Competitors

Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea is made from 100% USDA Certified Organic green tea leaves and 7 all natural, exotic flavors extracted from fruit pulp. But that’s not all … Our Blooming tea is the only one on the market made with 100% Organic Calendula Flowers. This delicious Blooming Tea is also lab-tested to ensure it’s of the highest quality and free from harmful chemicals, and it’s backed by a 100% lifetime money back guarantee!

Add The Perfect Touch To Your Tea Party

organic calendula blooming tea

Blooming Tea adds a touch of elegant beauty to any tea time table setting. Drop one Blooming Tea bulb into a glass teapot and watch it slowly unfurl before your eyes to reveal a gorgeous calendula flower.

Premium organic green tea leaves handsewn around a 100% organic calendula flower.

organic certified calendula blooming tea

Relax & Watch The Calendula Flower Petals Unfurl

Our Blooming Tea is made from 100% organic green tea leaves and calendula and flavored with real fruit so you can enjoy delicious, clean, pure flavor with no added chemicals.



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