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Reasons you’ll love our Glass Teapot

This heat-safe glass teapot set contains 1 glass teapot & 7 Blooming Tea Pods. Our glass teapot is ideal for creating a beautiful tea time display and it makes a great gift for any tea-lover in your life. This glass teapot has been put through an annealing process to ensure it will not crack or shatter with heat. You can safely fill it with boiling water, or use it to boil water for your tea.

*Includes Blooming Tea: Each bloom is handsewn using the finest 100% organic green tea leaves & calendula flowers. This set includes 7 all natural flavors to enjoy including cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry, sugar melon, and cactus melon.

**Our Blooming Tea contains naturally occurring levels of caffeine and l-theanine.

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Q: What are the dimensions of the infuser basket?
— Asked by Amy Kirk on June 30, 2017
A: Great question! The height of our infuser basket is 40mm and the outer edge diameter is 44mm.
— http://jennifer

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