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By Amazon Customer on April 3, 2018
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I am jasmine tea addict. I have tried many different types of dragon pearls before. This is by far the best. The aroma of Jasmine is slight and pleasant. The tea tastes very refreshing. Unlike some dragon balls, you can tell its scented with real jasmine flower smell and not a perfume. (hint: if jasmine tea has really strong perfume like jasmine smell, it is scented with perfumes.) Packaging is great! Shipping was superfast!

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Premium Quality Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea from Kiss Me Organics

Organic Green Tea flavored with Jasmine Blossoms & hand rolled into pearls (4 ounce bag)

Sometimes called jasmine green tea or jasmine blossoms tea, our 100% USDA Certified Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is sublime. Its delicious aroma and exquisite flavor make it irresistible. This luxurious tea is infused 3x with organic jasmine blossoms and carefully hand-rolled into delicious pearls. Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made from premium green tea leaves, making every cup an energizing beverage that tastes great while giving you vitamin and nutrient boost. When it comes to flavor and quality, our Premium Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is unbeatable. Each perfectly aged green tea leaf is infused with real, organic jasmine blossoms and hand-rolled into smooth, flavorful pearls.

We use the highest quality ingredients

We use only the highest quality 100% USDA Certified organic green tea leaves in this organic jasmine tea. Our green tea leaves are naturally processed and “scented” with fresh organic jasmine blossoms to create a wonderfully aromatic jasmine green tea, which is then hand-rolled into pearls. The scenting process is accomplished through traditional tea infusing techniques that are hundreds of years old. This Dragon Pearls Tea has a heavenly floral aroma, but it’s also packed with health benefits.

Health benefits of Jasmine Pearls Tea

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is made with 100% Organic jasmine flowers and green tea leaves. Green tea is packed with health benefits including:

Weight loss support

Green tea contains antioxidants that boost your metabolism, help curb hunger making it a great all-natural way to support weight loss goals. Green Tea also fights free-radicals in your body, which helps prevent age-related diseases. Green Tea also contains naturally occurring levels of caffeine and L-Theanine, a potent amino acid which provides long-lasting energy while counteracting the negative effects of caffeine (like jitters and caffeine crashes).  

Combats free radicals

Studies show that green tea contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that fight disease-causing free radicals in the body. These antioxidants help support skin, bones and other systems and support healthy cell regeneration.

Provides energy and focus

Green tea contains high levels of caffeine which provides energy, but it also contains an amino acid called l-theanine which counteracts the negative effects of caffeine (like the jitters and caffeine crash), providing a calm focused energy. Studies even suggest that green tea is beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety as l-theanine has been shown to decrease blood pressure.


The antioxidants present in green tea also make it a potent anti-inflammatory. Because green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce inflammation and swelling that can contribute to diseases like atherosclerosis, liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Our Jasmine Pearls Tea is also made with organic jasmine blossoms which have health benefits of their own, such as:

Calming effect

Our Jasmine Pearls Te is also made with organic jasmine blossoms. Studies show that the aroma of jasmine can decrease heart rate, and that drinking it can have a calming effect.

Soothes stomach

Jasmine has soothing properties that can help relieve digestive issues and help settle your stomach.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Studies suggest jasmine can help support cardiovascular health. Jasmine helps alleviate both low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. Both both of these cholesterols can cause heart problems such as strokes and heart attacks. The compounds found in jasmine can help reduce LDL-oxidation.

How Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls Are Made

Our jasmine green tea is infused with organic jasmine blossoms 3 times using traditional techniques. Here’s how we do it: Organic green tea and organic jasmine blossoms are mixed, heated, flipped, cooled, stacked and scented again (3 times). Once the tea is infused with jasmine, the blossoms are sifted out, and the green tea leaves are dried, hand-rolled one at a time and carefully packaged. The result is an incredibly fragrant tea that is naturally sweet-tasting.

One of the signs of a great Jasmine Pearls Tea is that there are little to no flowers left behind in the finished product. Some competitors skip the delicate scenting process altogether and instead use chemicals to flavor it and add jasmine blossoms to the end product. The true scenting process of Jasmine Pearls happens under specific conditions and takes days to complete. Most importantly, there are no jasmine blossoms left in the final product.

How Jasmine Pearls Tea Made

Why Kiss Me Organics Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea Is Better Than Competitors

A lot of the green tea available on the market is made from poor quality leaves or contaminated by lead. Our Jasmine Green Tea is USDA certified organic and ethically sourced from the finest organic tea plantations.


Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is 100% USDA Organic and analyzed by a third party lab to ensure it’s free of harmful chemicals. All our tests and certifications are available to the public.

Brewing Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is Easy …

Brewing Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is easy, and it’s so delicious to drink! For best results, follow the brewing instructions below:

  • Heat water to just before boiling (170°F / 77°C).
  • Scoop 1 tsp (3g) Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea into your infuser.
  • Pour 6 oz (177ml) hot water over tea leaves.
  • Steep tea for 2-5 minutes (depending on taste).
  • Remove your tea infuser and enjoy.

Water temperature and brewing time for tea depend on the type of tea leaf. To get the best cup of green tea, use water that is not quite boiling (so you don’t burn the green tea leaves). Green tea can also become bitter if it’s over-steeped so you should start by steeping it for 2 minutes and increase the steeping time if it’s not strong enough.

brewing jasmine tea

*You can also brew full pots of tea, just adjust the amount of Jasmine Pearls according to the amount of water you are using.

Kiss Me Organics Just Fair Policy

We’ve always taken pride in making the world a healthier place one sip at a time” by using only the healthiest, organic ingredients in our products and upholding sustainable and environmentally conscious approaches to business. We’ve recently extended that philosophy to include giving back to some of the communities we work with. Our first initiative is to support the Elephants and Bees project in Sri Lanka. This organization provides a creative solution for reducing human-elephant conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka. You can find out more about this program. Also, we are providing 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.



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Q: HelloFirstly, I love your matcha and I'm a regular consumer (every day)My question is regarding your Dandelion tea which I've recently become a big fan of also, is how many carbohydrates if any does this tea have?Thank you and I look forward to your replyKind RegardsMark Coates
— Asked by Mark on May 17, 2017
A: Great question Mark! For every 100g of the tea, there are only 0.41g of carbohydrates.Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!
— http://jennifer
Q: Amazon sells this tea but box says "raw organic" with Ceylon Cinnamon - is this the same thing? Box also looks different...
— Asked by Tracy on July 21, 2017
A: Hello Tracy,Ceylon is actually a kind of raw-organic cinnamon. Also, we just changed our packaging! How do you like the new design?
— http://jennifer
Q: Hi, I have been drinking your tea for few months now and someone ask me a questions that I could not answer; Is it only the root of the dandelion that is used in the tea or also other parts of the plant, like the stem or leaves?
— Asked by Michel on August 14, 2017
A: Excellent question! Our tea only has the best part and that is the root. Let me know if this helps!
— http://jennifer
Q: Where do the Jasmine flowers come from. Are they organic?
— Asked by Lynn on June 12, 2018
A: Our tea is grown on an organic farm in the Chinese province of Fujian. And yes it is organic! :)
— http://jennifer

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