Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules – Variety Pack


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Reasons you’ll love our Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

We’ve taken our sustainability game to the next level. KissMeOrganics coffee capsules are not only biodegradable, they’re 100% compostable. That means that all KissMeOrganics coffee capsules will be returned to the Earth in the form of good quality compost. Our easy-to-use Nespresso compatible coffee pods are 100% organic, 100% biodegradable, 100% certified compostable, and 100% delicious. Our capsules come in 5 flavors and are made from only the best, slow-roasted beans. 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee.

5 Varieties of Coffee Capsules incluided: Lungo, Dolce, Ristretto, Forte, and Decaffeinated.

These coffee pods are only compatible with the original Nespresso Line: Inissia, Citiz, Pixie, U, Latissima, Maestro and Essenza.

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Lungo, Dolce, Ristretto, Forte, Decaffeinated


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Certificate of Analysis 1

Micro Analysis Report and Flouride Content: 1 2 3

Kosher Certification: 1 2 3

Q: Are your capsules compatible with my new DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissma Pro?
— Asked by brad on June 1, 2017
A: Hi there! Thank you for your question! Our capsules are compatible with the original Nespresso line, including Lattissma. These pods, unfortunately, require a bit of reprogramming, but we'have put together a little video which will help you with programming your machine to get the ideal amount of water for our pods:
— http://jennifer
Q: are the kiss me organics biodegradable capsules certified kosher?
— Asked by esther smith on July 29, 2017
A: Absolutely! You can see the certificates located on the product page all you have to do is click 1 & 2 :)
— http://jennifer
Q: what does kosher certification 1 2 mean???? Please elaberate
— Asked by esther on July 28, 2017
A: We just would like to show you that there are two certificates for our Nespresso pods :)
— http://jennifer
Q: So your capsules don't have any aluminum in it? The original Nespresso capsules are covered with aluminum foils that is why I stopped using my machine. If your capsules don't have any aluminum foils I am just ready to order and enjoy coffee at home again. Thank you!
— Asked by Jean on July 23, 2017
A: Excellent question! Our capsules do have this material that looks like foil but rest assured it is actually made from plant-based materials and is biodegradable! Enjoy :)
— http://jennifer

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