Nursing Moms Tea Outer Box
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Nursing Mom’s Tea


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Reasons You’ll Love Our Nursing Mom’s Tea

1 Month Supply (60 Tea bags + 120 Fenugreek Capsules)

Kiss Me Organics Nursing Mom’s System is designed to naturally support milk production in nursing mothers. Our herbal tea and fenugreek capsules work together to stimulate lactation for a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience. Our special blend of herbal tea has been used for decades in Europe as an all-natural, plant-based remedy for women who experience difficulty breastfeeding. Kiss Me Organics Nursing Mom’s System is the only kit on the market that provides maximum effectiveness by combining herbal tea and fenugreek capsules. Fenugreek is a potent galactogogue that provides significantly better results when taken in capsule form in combination with our herbal tea. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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