Nursing Mom’s Tea Kit (60 Tea bags + 120 Fenugreek Capsules)

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*****I like the taste of the tea

By Adam DelGrosso on November 16, 2016
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I bought this for my fiancée to use, we have an 11 month old, and her supply has dropped off a little.

This is what she had to say. “ I like the taste of the tea, it isn’t as strong tasting as some of the other ones I have tried. Pills are a little big. I have only been taking it a couple days, but it has made for a couple of oz per pumping session.”

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Kiss Me Organics Nursing Mom’s Tea & Fenugreek Capsules

1 Month Supply (60 Tea bags + 120 Fenugreek Capsules)

Nursing Mom’s Breastfeeding Tea and Fenugreek Capsules were created with ingredients that have been used for generations in Europe to promote healthy lactation. Our mother’s milk tea and capsules are made from organic galactagogue herbs. Our delicious, calming and extremely effective Nursing Mom’s products come in a one month supply. Our tea contains 60 teabags, and a bottle of capsules contain 120 fenugreek capsules.

Organic lactation tea and capsules

What Is Included in Kiss Me Organics Nursing Mom’s Product Line?

We offer both organic herbal breast milk tea and organic fenugreek capsules. Both products are made from the very best galactagogue ingredients and proven to help support healthy lactation. Each of these products can be consumed by themselves, although you’ll get the best results by consuming them together.

Kiss Me Organics Organic Nursing Tea

Our herbal lactation tea is made with a unique blend of galactagogue herbs and spices including lemon balm leaf, galega (goat’s rue), rosehip fruit, caraway, basil, nettle leaf, raspberry fruit, chamomile flower, and fennel seeds. It’s not only completely safe & effective it’s naturally caffeine-free, and it tastes great!

Kiss Me Organics Fenugreek Capsules

Fenugreek is a powerful galactagogue herb that many women turn to when they’re looking for how to increase their breast milk production. It contains hormone precursors that can boost your milk supply. Many competitors add fenugreek to their tea, but we offer organic fenugreek in capsule form because fenugreek has been proven to provide significantly better results when taken in capsule form rather than steeped in a tea. When you use both our Nursing Mom’s products in together, you get the benefits of our healthy nursing tea and the benefits of fenugreek in capsule form.

The Safe & Effective Breastfeeding Support

With the Kiss Me Organics Nursing Mom’s product line, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of organic fenugreek seed and a pleasant galactagogue tea packed with lactation stimulating ingredients like goat’s rue, fennel, raspberry, and nettle leaf. Here are some other great health benefits of this our milk production tea and capsules:

Cleansing, slimming & anti-inflammatory

Our Nursing Mom’s Tea will help you feel more like yourself again. It’s made with herbs like Rosehip fruit & raspberry fruit which are anti-inflammatory herbs. This tea can help reduce anxiety, bloating and inflammation.

Helps reduce stress and promotes a good night’s sleep

This lactation tea also helps reduce stress and give you a restful sleep. Lemon balm leaf supports mood stability, calmness and sleep regularity, while chamomile flower & basil help to relieve insomnia, control anxiety, and boost immunity.

What Is Our Special Formula Made From & How Does it Work?

Organic Herbal Tea (2 cups a day)

organic mother's milk tea and capsules

Galega (goat’s rue)

Promotes natural breast milk production rapidly and facilitates breast “let down” so your body can release milk. Galega also helps support breast health during nursing.

Lemon balm leaf

Supports mood stability, cognitive function, alertness, calmness and sleep regularity.


Stimulates lactation which encourages your body to increase its breastmilk production.

Rosehip fruit

Increases immune function (especially when you are exhausted), rejuvenates you and promotes healthy digestion.  

Raspberry fruit

Full of antioxidants and fiber that can help keep you healthy, strong and regular.

Nettle leaf

Nettle leaf is a rich source of iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin K and provides tons of nutrients. It also supports your kidney and adrenal health.

Chamomile flower

Relieves insomnia, controls anxiety, and boosts your immune system.


Relieves stress and stimulates breast milk production.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain anethole, a phytoestrogen that mimics the properties of estrogen and supports increased lactation.

Organic Fenugreek Capsules (4 capsules a day)

Fenugreek Capsules

Fenugreek is a potent galactagogue herb that contains hormone precursors known to boost your breast milk production significantly. It is much more effective taken in a capsule form as opposed to brewed in a tea.

How To Choose a Nursing Mom’s Supplement For Breast Milk Production

There are plenty of brands on the market offering capsules and tea for breastfeeding moms, so you have a wide variety to choose from. Be cautious and do your research when choosing capsules or tea for nursing mothers. Many of the lactation products available on the market are made from poor quality, non-organic ingredients which means they could be ineffective or full of harmful chemicals. To make sure you’re getting the very best lactation tea, make sure you buy organic and that you look for product lab tests and certifications.

Our Nursing Moms Tea is lab-tested by a third party lab and made from USDA certified organic herbs that are completely safe and effective, and proven to work.

Nursing Mom’s Tea: How To Get The Best Results

Using our Nursing Mom’s Tea and Capsules for breastfeeding support is easy. Our fenugreek capsules are made from 100% real, organic fenugreek seeds and our delicious, organic herbal tea is easy to drink, even without milk and sugar.

  • Bring fresh, cold water to a boil (212°F / 100°C)
  • Pour 6 oz/ 177 ml hot water over tea bag in a mug.
  • Steep tea for 4-6 minutes (depending on taste).
  • Remove tea bag.

Consume 1 cup of Nursing Mom’s Tea 2 times per day.

Take 2 Fenugreek Capsules with each cup of tea (4 capsules per day).

Some women may need more or less than the recommended dose listed above.

Please listen to your body and adjust your intake accordingly.

How Often Should You Drink Nursing Mom’s Tea?

For best results take 2 fenugreek capsules with 1 cup of tea, twice a day. Results will differ from person to person, you may need more or less to get your desired results so please listen to your body and adjust your dose accordingly.

Is Nursing Mom’s Tea & Fenugreek Capsules Safe to Consume While Nursing?

Yes, we recommend consuming both the capsules and the tea while nursing to increase your milk supply.

However, you should NOT consume Nursing Mom’s Tea or Capsules within the first 6 months of pregnancy, and you should AVOID products that contain fenugreek if you suffer from asthma or diabetes, as it may irritate these conditions.

Finally, do not drink Nursing Mom’s Tea or other hot beverages while holding or nursing your baby. 

Kiss Me Organics provides 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.



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