Pu Erh Tea – 20 tea bags (2 grams each)

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*****Absolutely love this tea

By Jane C. Teutsch on May 10, 2018
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Absolutely love this tea. I needed a strong tea & it delivers. I drink it as iced tea with lemon & it’s so refreshing.
I keep ordering products from Kiss Me Organics, because the have a wide array of quality products and are quick & easy sellers.

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Reasons you’ll love our Pu Ehr Tea

Organic Pu Erh Tea detoxifying, invigorating and energizing – 20 tea bags (2 grams each)

Our delicious 100% organic Pu erh tea features a robust, bold and earthy flavor profile. This Chinese black tea provides an invigorating energy boost, and has been used for centuries to detox and energize. When consumed daily in combination with a healthy diet, pu erh tea can support weight loss goals as it improves digestion and boosts metabolism. We always go the extra mile to ensure you are getting the purest, healthiest product possible: our pu erh tea is made from premium organic tea leaves, and lab-tested for quality. All our test results and certifications are available here100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Pu Erh Recipe

Try cold brewing your Pu Erh Tea for a refreshing and nourishing treat!


2 Kiss Me Organics Pu Erh tea bags

1 liter of cold, filtered water


  1. Add Kiss Me Organics Pu Erh tea bags and cold filtered water to a large pitcher.
  2. Cover the pitcher with saran wrap and steep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.


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