Vitamin Tea – Green Tea Variety Pack (80 x 2 grams each) (Subscription)

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*****Tea is excellent. Taste is subtle and aroma is wonderful

By Amazon Customer on February 5, 2018
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Five stars! Tea is excellent. Taste is subtle and aroma is wonderful. Coconut is my favorite flavor. Your tea product is my kind of tea and being organic with vitamins just top my list. Great job!

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Reasons you’ll love Vitamin Tea Green Tea Variety Pack

Organic Green Tea Infused with 6 vitamins from all-natural fruit sources – 80 Tea Bags 20 of each flavor (2 grams each)

With this monthly subscription, you’ll automatically receive a Vitamin Tea – Green Tea Variety Pack per month.

Our organic Vitamin Green Tea is super-charged with an all-natural organic (flavorless) vitamin blend (extracted from fruit). This delicious tea contains 10% of 6 essential nutrients in every cup. It’s great as a stand-alone brew, with cream or milk, or chilled as a refreshing iced beverage. It also contains naturally occurring levels of caffeine and L-Theanine for increased energy and focus. This tea is harvested from one of the oldest organic tea plantations in the world and has no added caffeine or sugar. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, our Vitamin Tea Green can support weight loss goals and contribute to improved cellular and cardiovascular health. Flavors in this variety pack include classic green tea, jasmine, mint, and coconut. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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Q: HelloFirstly, I love your matcha and I'm a regular consumer (every day)My question is regarding your Dandelion tea which I've recently become a big fan of also, is how many carbohydrates if any does this tea have?Thank you and I look forward to your replyKind RegardsMark Coates
— Asked by Mark on May 17, 2017
A: Great question Mark! For every 100g of the tea, there are only 0.41g of carbohydrates.Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!
— http://jennifer
Q: Amazon sells this tea but box says "raw organic" with Ceylon Cinnamon - is this the same thing? Box also looks different...
— Asked by Tracy on July 21, 2017
A: Hello Tracy,Ceylon is actually a kind of raw-organic cinnamon. Also, we just changed our packaging! How do you like the new design?
— http://jennifer
Q: Hi, I have been drinking your tea for few months now and someone ask me a questions that I could not answer; Is it only the root of the dandelion that is used in the tea or also other parts of the plant, like the stem or leaves?
— Asked by Michel on August 14, 2017
A: Excellent question! Our tea only has the best part and that is the root. Let me know if this helps!
— http://jennifer

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